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Mandy Theis

Thursday, 11 March 2021

As the popularity of our First Thursday Art Demonstrations continues to grow, we have decided to transition the class from a $15 fee to a pay-what-you-can donation system.

After receiving many requests from students around the world where $15 would be a barrier to entry, we decided to make this shift in order to bring equitable access to anyone seeking knowledge about how to draw and paint realistically.

We are excited that so many people have already signed up for our First Thursday Art Demonstration on January 7th from 7-9pm EST, and we invite you to be one of them! Join us for an international evening of honing your drawing and painting skills. Enjoy the peace of watching someone else draw and paint or create art along with Mandy and apply the skills being taught. All are welcome, so make sure to bring your art-minded friends.

What do you think about this change? Leave your comments below 🙂

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