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Art Lesson Plans

The School of Atelier Arts collects and provides FREE art lesson plans and full K-12 art curricula for online and in-person instruction.

You can view and download FREE art lesson plans and curricula here.

We know it can be hard to teach everything from scratch, and that teaching technical skills can be a challenge. That’s why we create art lesson plans in many formats in order to provide the best resources possible for art teachers.

Art Lesson Plans

Because PowerPoints are so easy to edit and customize to the individual art teacher, we offer many skill-based art lessons in this format. When you download our realism drawing and painting PowerPoint lessons, you have the opportunity to adjust each of the originals to your teaching preferences. Or, you can use them as is for ready-to-go lessons. They also make great substitute lessons because they are all put together – your substitute can easily go through the lesson with students as it is completely self-contained within each PowerPoint.

Free Art K-12 Curricula

Make sure to check out this free, sequenced, K-12 art curricula that takes students through realistic drawing and painting training from the very first marks to complex artworks. These lessons are easy to print for take-home packets, do-now assignments, or meaningful art learning when finishing other projects early. This curricula is easy to understand, picture-based, and will take your student on an artistic journey that brings confidence and joy when creating art.

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