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School of Atelier Arts – Classical Training for Contemporary Artists


Check out School of Atelier Arts’ ¬†YouTube channel for easy-to-understand art video tutorials that teach technical drawing and painting skills! These short art video lessons are perfect for expanding your knowledge of how to draw and paint and make great teaching tools for art teachers.

Choosing Value or Chroma

Sometimes, artists have to choose between the intensity of a color and how light or dark it is. This #Minilesson demonstrates what the difference is, and how knowing you have a choice can affect your artwork.

Warm and Cool Colors

Red, orange, yellow – warm colors right? WRONG. This video teaches you how EVERY color is both warm and cool. Learn how to draw and paint with total mastery of warm and cool colors by watching this short YouTube art lesson.

Value – Light & Dark

Lots of people have made a value scale, but hardly any one has actually done it the right way. This #minilesson teaches how to make a value scale the simple and obvious way in order to control lights and darks in your drawings. Improve your drawing skills by mastering the correct way to make a value scale.

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